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What Is WordPress?

In the early years of WordPress, it was primarily a tool for creating blogs. Its simplicity, coupled with the famed 5-minute installation mantra, made it the go-to choice for many aspiring bloggers. Fast forward a few years later, a substantially modified core code and WordPress is now a robust content management system powering 42.8% of all websites.

The Power Is In The Plugins

That said, WordPress development comes with certain nuances or rather annoyances that can frustrate the most zen of programmers. The WordPress architecture is designed around the use of external pieces of software known as plugins. These plugins are built to “plug in” to the core WordPress software and extend its function in any number of ways. This is how a basic WordPress theme can be transformed into an extensive real estate, travel agency or e-commerce website. The power is in the plugins.

The Problem With Plugins

The main problem with WordPress plugins is that sometimes they don’t play nice with each other and this can have a disastrous impact on your website. Consider this too familiar scenario. You handed your perfectly functioning website over to your happy client.

A week later you receive a phone call from your client notifying you that the dropdown menu on the mobile is not working. You immediately know that it’s a plugin issue and after a couple of minutes of testing your hypothesis, you discover that a recently upgraded plugin is not compatible with another plugin.

At this point, the general consensus is to either delete the faulty plugin or roll back to a previous working version. Whilst the former should only be a last result, the latter is a dangerous security hazard that should never be implemented.

The Solution To WordPress Plugin Incompatibility

I recently discovered a way to quickly resolve this issue without deleting any plugin or rolling back to a previous version. I had a situation where my Site Ground Optimiser plugin was not compatible with the latest version of the Elementor Pro plugin, so I debugged the issue by comparing my problematic code with the previous working version and discovered that the problem was caused by my SG optimiser plugin interfering with one of the classes of the newly updated plugin.

I then created a mini video of my debugging and filed a ticket with Site Ground.

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Within minutes I got a response and an hour later, the problem was fixed. I believe that the speed of the resolution was partly due to the fact that I clearly identified the problematic piece of code. Rather than spending hours looking for a faulty code in a haystack, they knew exactly which piece of code was breaking down their application. I know I did much of the heavy lifting for them, but it was a win-win situation.

If SG had come back and told me it would take days to fix the issue, I would’ve deleted their plugin because I need a functioning menu. However, under no circumstances would I have considered rolling back the affected Elementor plugin to a previous version because that would’ve exposed my site to security vulnerabilities. As many software upgrades usually include security upgrades, using a non-up to-date version means that you haven’t got the latest protection and therefore placing your site at risk of malicious attacks.

Final Thoughts

I wrote this post after seeing lots of blog posts and Youtube videos advising people to roll back their plugin to a previous functioning version so that it plays nice with other plugins.

Don’t do this.

Whilst I understand the urgency for instant fixes, using an out-of-date plugin exposes your website to security vulnerabilities. And before deciding to delete an important plugin, debug the situation yourself and then file a ticket with the plugin developers. By identifying the problematic code, your case will be resolved quicker than normal because they don’t have to waste time searching thousands of lines of code.

If this method doesn’t work, then you can delete the plugin, but NEVER roll back to a previous and un-secure version.

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